Smart Water Management Solutions

Water networks, reservoirs and treatment stations can be integrated with IoT, control systems and analytics for efficient management of this precious resource.

Optimize Water Usage

Optimize usage with a holistic view of the entire network and real-time demand-supply balancing

Reduce Water Wastage

Real-time monitoring and alerting of pressure and leakage enables faster corrective response

Improve Pump Lifetime

Predictive monitoring and benchmarking of pumps in different locations improves maintenance effectiveness and pump lifetime

Reduce Downtime

Send instant alerts of machine breakdowns, rejections or deviations to the corresponding persons

Monitor usage and wastage

Connect water meters, level sensors and leakage detectors to the cloud for real-time analytics and automated alerting. Wireless sensing technologies enable data capture over large distances. Accurately map losses due to leaks and evaporation, and take targeted corrective action.

Track Quality

Monitor the quality of water and chemical discharge in storage and transmission points. Combined with GIS and map data, identify industries and units contributing to polluting discharges. Quantify the level of pollution over time for regulatory action. Also, monitor deterioration of water quality due to pipe corrosion.

Maintain Equipment Efficiently

Remotely monitor health of equipment like pumps, pipes, valves and plan replacement or service. Optimize spares inventory based on failure prediction results. Plan manpower deployment and service routes based on real-time and prediction of events.

Control and Optimize from Central Location

Remotely control and operate treatment plants, pumping stations and reservoirs using advanced control systems using telemetry and cloud connectivity. Compare performance of multiple systems on the same distribution network and initiate coordinated operations from central location.


  • Business Case Analysis

  • Solution Design & ROI Mapping

  • Implementation

  • Operations & Support

  • Refine and upgrade

Technologies we work with


Pressure, Flow, PH, Level, Energy




Wired, Wireless RF (3G, LORA)

Cloud – Microsoft, Amazon

Analytics, Prediction – Microsoft

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