Digitize your Plant for effective management throughout its Lifecycle

Plant digitization makes it possible to create, maintain and retrieve all technical information essential for safe and efficient running of your plant. Secure and central management of the plant lifecycle data enables informed decision making.

Manage Assets Effectively

Central management of all equipment data, maintenance instructions, history, cause & effects, etc increases capability of O&M teams to handle equipment efficiently

Improve team Effectiveness & Morale

Availability of all data including past experience at fingertips greatly improves contribution of O&M teams

Reduce Risks

Precisely map risks and related impacts for each equipment, to design am effective maintenance program and reduce risks of failures

Increase safety preparedness

Virtual plant based training of safety procedures with emergency event simulation greatly increases the safety preparedness of plant personnel

Reduce Downtime

Send instant alerts of machine breakdowns, rejections or deviations to the corresponding persons

Integrated multi-discipline Design

Create a virtual (digital) plant with integrated designs encompassing all disciplines – process, instrumentation, piping, electrical, control and 3D. This enables quick navigation across different discipline data with reference to specific equipment. It also ensures automatic update of cross-discipline design based on changes in any one of the disciplines. For example, a motor changed in electrical schematic reflects automatically across all the other designs.

Cause and Effect simulation

Cause and effects can be programmed to guide the operators. Operators can trigger operations or specify input parameters and observe the effects in the P&ID to understand the process better. This can significantly reduce the training and handover period for new personnel and also retain knowledge within the company.

Interactive Training Simulator

3D virtual plant design can be used to train field operators in various plant operations and safety procedures. Emergency conditions like fire or leaks can be simulated to observe the reaction of the personnel and improve the training.

Risk based maintenance

Heat map based visualization of risks with drill-down provides a powerful way of understanding the risks associated with each equipment. Use this information to plan maintenance procedures, spares procurement and service schedules.


  • Plant Information Study

  • Digitization Roadmap

  • Data cleaning and Validation

  • Data import, Recreation and Transformation

  • System Implementation and Training

  • Upgrades and Refinements

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