Leverage IIoT to increase your Plant Efficiency

Our PlantMIS solution brings all plant data including context information like plans, documents and drawings to your palm, enabling you to take effective decisions quickly.

Optimize Production

Monitor and optimize production 24×7 anywhere – view KPIs, gaps, root cause and history

Improve team Effectiveness & Morale

Send specific corrective and preventive actions to O&M personnel, transparently measure results and link to reward mechanisms

Improve Process Efficiency

View process dependencies, analyse impacts and fine-tune process parameters for maximum efficiency

Reduce Energy Usage

Analyse energy consumption line-wise, equipment-wise and batch-wise. Implement conservation measures and measure outcomes

Reduce Downtime

Send instant alerts of machine breakdowns, rejections or deviations to the corresponding persons

Improve Machine Health

Analyse machine health with historical and real-time sensory data to improve maintenance planning and execution.

Connect any Equipment Fast

Get started by connecting your plant equipment from sensor to controllers. Connect sensors like temperature, vibration, acoustics quickly to our wireless sensor nodes for transmission of data to our IoT gateway. Connect meters and instruments to measure energy, pressure, weight and so on to our gateway. The gateway transmits the data securely to our cloud system over 3G/4G or wired internet.

Aggregate and analyse

Data can be aggregated over months or years. The frequency of data collection is user defined and can vary depending on the parameters. The data is stored securely in our big data store with unlimited scalability and consistent performance. Run analytics on the data with our predefined algorithms and spot opportunities for improvement.

Guide and transform

Push alerts to the operations and maintenance personnel depending on real-time events related to production and machine condition. Solutions to common problems can be programmed to be automatically activated or sent to the personnel. This drastically reduces time-to-correct and reduces the impact of downtime and bad quality.


  • Business Case Analysis

  • Solution Design & ROI Mapping

  • Implementation

  • Operations & Support

  • Refine and upgrade

  • Expand and scale

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