Manufacturing Execution Systems

Build an MES on platforms from Siemens and Rockwell for tighter control and improved productivity of your manufacturing plants

Reduce Time-to-Market

Integrate design, business and manufacturing systems for faster response to events and high level of automation

Build, Retain and Leverage know-how

Digitize designs, documentation, work instructions, safety procedures and provide to users when required..

Reduce Material Wastage

Track and trace material consumption at every stage and automatically alert wastage or defects

Ensure Compliance to Regulations

Automatically capture and generate compliance documentation, raise alerts for deviations and track closure

Increase Production Efficiency

Monitor equipment and line performance and identify root cause of failures

Reduce Energy Costs

Capture and analyse energy consumption of each machine and production batch for implementing conservation measures

Improved Planning and Scheduling

Plan and schedule better using algorithms that balance demand and capacity. Using actual availability of resources and various constraints, arrive at an achievable schedule. Predict effect of interruptions, breakdowns, rejections on production. Support decisions related to overtime, split batches, order promising, expansions, etc.

Manage Production Effectively

View production order status in real-time including resources consumption. Collaborate effectively between planning, various manufacturing stations, quality and sales. Automatically update ERP about material consumption, production progress, resource utilization and quality results.

Optimize Materials Consumption

Track and trace materials from receipt to production to despatch. Keep purchase, store and quality personnel aligned with the material requirement, status and exceptions. Automate material handling operations like dispensing, conveying, etc based on bill of materials information.

Improve Product Quality

Eliminate manual and paper-based processes with automated quality process enforcement. Connect to production systems for instant corrective actions and reduced defects. Automate compliance processes and document with a secure audit trail. With increased data availability, perform detailed analysis to identify root causes and implement quality improvement measures

Improve Machine OEE

Automate the data capture and analysis of critical equipment OEE. Track downtime and drilldown into the causes with cost impact. This helps O&M teams respond in real-time to exception events and minimize the effect of the deviation. This results in greater machine utilization and target achievement.


  • Business case analysis, product evaluation and MES roadmap definition

  • Requirement study, solution design and ROI mapping

  • Plant systems integration (with upgrades if required)

  • ERP integration

  • MES application configuration, customization and testing

  • Multi-site rollouts, enablement and support

  • Post implementation support (L1-L3)

  • Upgrades and functionality scaling

Success Stories


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