Automate machines and processes for high productivity

Industrial automation has been around for a long time and has evolved with faster networks, open protocols and more powerful processors. Based on the need, we can build the entire control system turnkey or undertake only a part of the engineering or commissioning.

High Productivity

Run production lines 24×7 everyday with minimum manual intervention

High Quality

Significantly reduce defects due to manual operations and achieve uniform quality

High Flexibility

Modify production setpoints and steps anytime with one-time programming

High Safety

Send specific corrective and preventive actions to O&M personnel, transparently measure results and link to reward mechanisms

Controllers for Every Application

Whether your application is small or big, simple or advanced, central or distributed, simplex or redundant, normal or fail-safe, there are controllers for each situation. Input outputs, interfaces, communication and power can be customized and expanded when required. Virtual commissioning makes it possible to test the system prior to commissioning and save costly implementation time.

Visualize and Archive

Visualization systems like SCADA provide a window into the production and help operators control multiple variables from a central location. Visualization systems have today progressed to tablet and mobile enabled systems, long term data archives and powerful graphics systems.

Controller to Cloud

With increased migration to cloud and mobile working environments, control systems are today providing connectivity for cloud integration through in-built or external gateways. Such implementations require a good understanding of the data requirement, protocols and security features to be implemented.

Systems we work with


PLC – Siemens S7, PCS7, Rockwell SLC500


Siemens WinCC, PVSS, Rockwell RSView, Wonderware




Modbus, Profibus, ProfiNet, DeviceNet


  • Requirement study and System Design

  • Efficient Engineering

  • PLC logic and SCADA development

  • Factory Acceptance tests

  • Onsite Implementation

  • Operations & Support

  • Refine and pgrade

Success Stories