Megatech Enabling Smarter Industry

Implemented over 4000 Control and IT solutions across diverse verticals like Airports, Automotive, Chemicals, Food & Bev, Metals, Oil & Gas, Power and Water, for improvement of productivity . The Solutions manage machines, processes and resources through automation and Industrial IT software. Megatech is unique in this space with knowledge and experience in entire spectrum of Manufacturing Operations starting with field sensors up to reports and connectivity to business layer.

Megatech capability lies in collection of data from all equipment in plant floor without major changes in control equipment ; also, online implementation of solutions with least shut downs. Solutions are built considering the KPIs and Pains of batch process or discrete industry, using software for digitizing R&D, Planning / Scheduling, Manufacturing, Tracking and Tracing, Quality Management and Reports.

Megatech solutions are built on Hybrid Model where major development works are done in house and minor implementation works on site. Such solutions are implemented in a modular, phased and cost effective manner with faster realization of benefits of Digitalization.

Megatech has been a top tier Solution Partner of Siemens for Control Automation and Digital Industry Software for 30+ years..


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